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Scientists discover a key to the malaria growth

The major key to malaria’s widespread growth has been clarified by the scientists. They explained that it is down to protein molecules referred to as cyclins which causes cells to sub-divide rapidly right in the malaria parasite. Furthermore, the study according to the research conducted by team from the University of Nottingham, insist that it could lead to the discovery of new treatments for malaria. However, Malaria is responsible for close to half a million deaths annually. Whereby, cyclin is one of the most significant protein molecules required for cell division.

The Maternal mortality drops by approximately 50%, UN report

Pregnancy-related deaths have significantly fallen by close to half (50%) in the past 25 years, as per the report by United Nations agencies that was published in The Lancet. According to the report, approximately 303,000 women died of various complications during pregnancy or up to 42 days (6 weeks) after giving birth in 2015, this is down from 532,000 in the year 1990.

However, World Health Organization (WHO) Officials said the results showed “enormous progress”. Nevertheless, it is only nine countries managed to hit targets set by the UN.

“This detailed report will illustrate that by the end of the year 2015 maternal mortality is expected to have dropped by nearly 44% from its levels from year 1990,” alleged Dr Lale Say, a coordinator for the reproductive health and research at WHO center.

US obesity rates going up for first time since the year 2004’

The Obesity rates are tremendously rising again among the American adults, in spite of national efforts to encourage healthy lifestyles. Obesity rates had been climbing very dramatically since the 1980s although started leveling off in about 2004. This latest research means they are rising once more to nearly 38 percent in 2013-2014, up from approximately 32% a decade or so ago. The figures come from a new research report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’, using a state survey of close to 5,000 people.

Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey finally made full recovery

The Scottish nurse who was announced to have been readmitted to hospital after suffering complications suspected to have risen from Ebola infection has finally made a “full recovery”, according to her doctors.

Initially, Pauline Cafferkey contracted Ebola when she attached to a treatment centre in Sierra Leone previous year. However, She was treated successfully at the London’s Royal Free Hospital, but was taken back again in October when the virus caused her to develop meningitis.

The UK government Pledge to halve the number of stillbirths

The government has announced that it wants to halve the number of both stillbirths and deaths in the midst of newborn babies in England by year 2030.

Scientist have discovered the reason Malaria has been growing rapidly and they might come out with a new treatment for Malaria. The study that was led by a group from Nottingham University explained that, there are a number of Cyclins types present in the Malaria parasites. Cyclins are important proteins around the body which are required for cell divisions. This Cyclins helps the Malaria parasites to divide rapidly and that’s why people with the disease always get weak very fast. Prof Rita who was among the team carried out the analysis to see what the Cyclins do and found out that they are responsible for parasites cells to divide so quickly when inside the red blood cells.

Malaria is the main cause of half a million of death each year. Dr Magali Roques who was leading the team said that they have discovered three types of Cyclins genes on the Malaria parasite, which means that, after further study they will understand the parasite cell division and hope to eliminate the disease in the future.

Being a busy schedule we neg late our Health and fitness, we give lower priority to our Health, in our busy life to get better Health we go for yoga , meditation, aerobic centers. It can helps our body and mind. It increase our stamina, strengths and free from stressful life. Recently research and news about our Health is increased the level of obesity, diabetes, blood pressure and many more. For our Health exercises is must, but most important is our daily diet routine. For our daily routine we take boiled food, juices, salads like carrot, cucumber, beat roots and sprouts.

If you are stay fit then stay well. Don’t take any drugs medicines and tablets without your physician permission. Most of the womens are working mums and they neglate their kids Health because of them they eat junk foods, fast foods and spices food which are dangerous for their health. So avoid that food and Healthy food. “Good health and good sense are two greatest things of life”.

The World Health Organization reported on 26th October 2015 that consumption of processed meats such as ham, bacon, sausages and a vast array of red meats significantly increases your risk of getting cancer. Even as little as 50grams a day may lead to severe health implications. With tremendous amounts of research being poured into the claim, most meats have been classified as carcinogenic to humans. The processed meats have been linked specifically to a type of cancer known as colorectal.

Processed meats are altered or modified to change their taste or extend their shelf life. This includes the addition of preservatives as well as other chemicals. The WHO report has seen meat being classified in the same category as asbestos, arsenic, alcohol and cigarettes. This means that every serving of processed meat consumed on a daily basis increases the risk of cancer by a 1.1 factor.

Scientists recommend that instead of giving up on meats altogether, people should cut down the rate of consumption. It is also advisable to avoid cooking at extremely high temperatures such as in the case of barbecues since this can also lead to the creation of carcinogenic chemicals. Although the risk is far much less with processed meats, overindulgence can contribute negatively to your health.

Many previous researches have claimed that Vitamin D deficiency often increases the chances of heart health disease, stroke and heart attack but the minimum level of Vitamin D needed to keep the heart healthy was not very clear. According to a recently concluded research by the Intermountain Medical Center Institute in Salt Lake City, the minimum level of Vitamin D needed in the body is approximately 15 nanograms per millimeter. Maintaining the normal levels of Vitamin D is crucial to prevent the chances of succumbing to hearth disease and other cardiovascular conditions. Researchers have concluded that even though a Vitamin level of 30 nanograms per millimeter or above is considered normal among adults, 15 is the actual safe level to keep the hearth healthy. Vitamin D deficiency was linked to heart disease by cardiologists but the exact number that defines the minimum Vitamin D levels was not scientifically backed until now. The research is a breakthrough and can change the way doctors diagnose cardiovascular problems and may lead to more efficient treatment methods for heart disease.

The lead researcher Dr. J Brent Muhlestein, is a co-director of research in cardiovascular science at the Intermountain Medical Center Institute. The findings of the research were released in a recent publication. Even though 15 is considered to be the safe level, at least 1 in 10 people have a Vitamin D level lower than that making it clear that the high levels of pollution and other environmental factors are playing a huge role in causing poor cardiovascular health. One of the best ways to determine the Vitamin D levels in the human body is by getting a blood test. The findings that were released by the Medical Center Institute was backed by the information presented in the American Heart Association’s annual meetings which included inputs from 230,000 citizens in the United States. The research in being deemed preliminary until the findings are reported in any peer reviewed medical journal.

Our body is known to naturally produce Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. The vitamin can also be consumed in form of fish or egg based products and also grains. Artificial methods of consumption include Vitamin D supplements. The study can reveal under which conditions patients may be asked to consume Vitamin D supplements and it can be a breakthrough in medical science.